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The Hangry Hunter - Powered Personnel Side Hustle 1 (Free Book)

The Hangry Hunter

By: K. A. Maxwell

On Planet Arijog, never play games with beasts.

When a group of tourists play the Hunt’n Eats app, it leads them, hot breaths ablazing, to find tasty food and valuable reward points in the forest.

That’s the same day Vanessa, a professional in creative and destructive arts, worked from her cavernous home. With her forest on fire, she must stop the beastly gamers before they destroy it, including her breakfast.

As they will learn, it’s never a good idea to make Vanessa hangry.

The Hangry Hunter is a side story that takes place during the events of Powered Personnel: The Big Startup.

It has around 13,200 words of sci-fi, aliens, heroics, drama, and lots of working-from-home action.

It also has scenes of violence, mature themes, and coarse language which may make this book unsuitable for younger and sensitive readers.

Seriously, Vanessa wants to eat people and uses a lot of f-bombs.

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