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By: K. A. Maxwell

When I woke up on the alien planet of Neerg, I knew high school was going to be a whole new ballgame. Why? Because I’m the only human in a school full of aliens, each with special abilities and powers.

So where do I fit in?

Imagine having friends who can levitate books, shoot fire from their eyes or charm you into their control. Now, meet me, Thane, the fourteen-year-old human who can do none of those things.

I thought being an ordinary student wouldn’t draw attention to me and I could live a normal high-school life. Then, I met a purple alien girl named Eris who thought differently and so began her grand experiments. But she got us into detention and in the path of the hottest and angriest girl in school.

Now Eris needs my help to stop her rage before she destroys everything. Mom, Dad, I don’t know if I will survive this first day of high school. All I have is me and I’m totally underclassed for this.

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