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Powered Personnel: The Big Startup by: K. A. Maxwell

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The Big Startup

Powered Personnel - Book 1

By: K. A. Maxwell

The first day should have been about getting to know the new workplace, not trying to rescue it while wearing high heels.

A giant in project management, Chloe Ceres began a new job to build a big startup with her former business school and superheroing partner Melinda.

By lunch time, she finds herself on the outside of an inside kidnapping job. If the crooks don’t get a good deal, it will cost Chloe her partner, her co-workers, and the company’s most powerful asset.

She now has to choose between sticking to the safety of her new job, or dipping back into the dangerous one she left behind long ago.

Powered Personnel: The Big Startup is around 53,000 words of aliens, sci-fi heroics, drama, and on-the-job action. It also has scenes of violence and drama which may make this book unsuitable for younger and sensitive readers.

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