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Super & magical stuff you’ll like (May/june 2022)

Super & magical stuff you’ll like: The MCU Multiverse, a podcast, two superhero realms where you may or may not want to buy a house and let Superheroines be muscular, dammit!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

(Screenshot: Marvel Studios)

This was the movie I was going to talk about in the last blog entry before the She-Hulk TV trailer dropped. It was a pretty trippy ride visually in a really good way. It would be the first trek down the MCU Multiverse. I liked it.  

Okay, I went because Captain Carter was in the movie. Was not expecting Scarlet Witch to be the big bad in this one. Lastly, America Chavez was super nerfed compared to her comic counterpart, for good reason as to give her room for character and powers development in the MCU.   Plenty of nostalgia and surprises in this one.

Write Now Podcast – Strong Female Characters

Confused about how the term “Strong Female Character” is defined? Author Sarah Rhea Werner does a good exploration of the different types without the fan drama.  Click here to listen to the episode.

Super Real-Estate – Eternia vs Asgard    

In my first newsletter, I gave my thoughts about Masters of the Universe: Revelations and thought about the possibilities of living there. With Thor: Love and Thunder’s trailer out would it be better to buy a house in Asgard or Eternia? Getting a house in most areas here in North America is too expensive nowadays.  

The thing that struck me was how much more physically in shape everyone is on both. If I didn’t know better, buying a house on either realm and becoming a citizen would probably buff your stats. I mean, look at the citizens on both and the average bicep size of each.

People from Asgard (Screenshot: Marvel Studios)
People from Eternia (Screenshot: Mattel / Powerhouse Animation)

On Earth, we don’t get that.  We look for buffs in the value of our house, energy savings and tax savings. What about buffs for the people who live in the new house?  No one ever thinks of that.  

You’d get a longer life expectancy, better education and technology in both realms. Asgardians seems to party more, so their social scenes and dating is probably better. But then, you have Ragnarök.  

Huh, that was anti-climactic. Castle Greyskull gave the power to pretty much everyone to fight back the evil where as Thor and Loki have to sacrifice Asgard to defeat their big sister, Hela.  

I have to give this one to Eternia and if you somehow can buy Castle Greyskull, the real one, you will own all the power, pretty sweet deal.

Let Female Superheroines be muscular dammit!  

Of course I’d include this. I agree with most of the points in Kayleigh Donaldson’s piece on Slashfilm.com.   Check out the piece here.

My two cents: Capitalism and Hollywood. That’s the thing with spending $150 million+ for a TV season about a female superhero. The studio buys the body they feel will make them as much money back as it can, literally making it in CGI to fit their needs.

That probably wouldn’t be a problem if the show was made for Asgardians, Eternians and any other warrior race, like the Nyxazons.  At least they can add more muscle later on.

Maybe this should be looked at in a Powered Personnel short story one day; should I write it?

Send me your thoughts.

– Written by: K. A. Maxwell – Published: June 15, 2022

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